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Hans & Emanuel Giegelman - Emigration Report

Staatsarchiv des Basel-Stadt: Auswanderung A1, 11 Dec 1734

This is the government report cited by Faust as giving Hans and Emanuel Giegelman's declared reasons for emigration. It's translation has been a low priority because of the Faust quote which appears to be a reasonable summary and the great difficulty I have in transcribing/translating this difficult document.


Page 6a - Image File

Hochgeacht, Wohledel, Gestreng, Ehrenvest,
Fromm, Wohlfürnehm, Fürsichtig und Weiser,
Gnädig,, Gebietend,, Hochehrende Herrn und Oberer!

Süm gnaden mir ûnter dem ...


Page 6a

Highly Respected, Well Bred, Strict, Honorable,
Devout, Noble, Far Sighted and Wise
Gracious Masters, Honorable Gentlemen and Superiors!

With grace I under the ...

Notes for Page 7a:



Page 6b - Image File


Ewer Gnaden __: __: __: __

Waldenburg den 11t.
xbris 1734.

Underthänig, Gehorsambster
Niclaus ___

Page 7b


Your Grace __: __: __: __

Waldenburg the 11th
December 1734.

Subservient, Obedient
Niclaus ___

Notes for Page 6b:

This is the second page of the report with the signature and date.


Page 6c - Image File

Verlesen den 15 Decembris 1734

Denen Hochgeacht, WohlEdel, Gestreng, Ehrenvest,
Fromm, Wohlfürnehm, Fürsichtig und Weisen Herren
Heren Samuel Merian Bürgermeister
und Rats Lobs. (Lobsamer) Stadt Basel p. Meinem
Gnädig Gebietend, Hoch Ehrenden Herrn und Oberen.

Giegelmannen von Bubendorf und
___ Reiß in Carolinam Americanam


Page 6c

Index 15 December 1734

To the Highly Respected, Well Bred, Strict, Honorable,
Devout, Noble, Far Sighted und Wise Gentleman
Mr. Samuel Merian Mayor
and Laudable Council Member of Basel City p. My
Gracious Masters, Honorable Gentlemen and Superiors.

Giegelmanns from Bubendorf and
___ journey in Carolina America


Notes for Page 7c:

This is the address page of the report. It was folded into an envelope. The small type is an added index code.

This is as close as I can come to a translation of the honorifics.



A. B. Faust and G. M. Brumbaugh, Lists of Swiss immigrants in the Eighteenth Century to the American Colonies, Vol. II, pp 90:

Thus a report from Waldenburg, dated Dec. 11, 1734 (AA), states that the pamphlet on Carolina and an account of the real arrival and good reception of emigrants there, both of which we have mentioned above under 1734, had actuated the Giegelmann brothers, while ...


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