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Forty-two Swiss Emigrants - Departure from Switzerland

Staatsarchiv des Basel-Stadt: Rathsprotokoll 1734 Juni 19 - 1735 Juni 25
Entry of 23 Apr 1735

Transcription and Translation by Ulrich Stroux and Jim Rickenbacker.

This document from the Rathsprotokoll (Small Council Journal) of 23 Apr 1735 Identifies 42 emigrants who started down the Rhine for Carolina. All of these families, except that of Hans Bitterli were granted land in Orangeburg, South Carolina in September and October 1735. Hans Bitterli, as Hans Peterly, may have been granted land in May of 1736. The identified family sizes (from grants and church books) are: Heinrich Rickenbacher 3, Emanuel Gieglemann 7, Hans Gieglemann 8, Heini Sali 6, Balthasar Strauman 6 (possibly 7), Werner Buser 5, Hans Bitterli 7 (no sons) which adds to the 42 mentioned.

Thanks to Ulrich Stroux for his help in the transcription/translation of this document.


Page 389 - Image File

Carolina ūnd dahin reisende ūnderthanen: [2nd entry]

Nahmens Sieben familien ab Heißigne Landschafs von fol,,
gend Haūß Vattern Emanūel ūnd Hans den Giegelmannen
von Būbendorf, Baltzar Straūman von Waldenbūrg, Heini
Riggenbacher von Rünenberg, Heini Sälin ūnd Hans Bitter,,
lin von Zeglingen, ūnd Wernet Būser von Oberdorf, die
mit Weib ūnd kinderr 42 Seelen aūsmachen : Ward ange,,
bracht, das sie, ūmb nach Carolinam zū reisen , den Rhein
abgefahren seyen : Zweij als Būser und Sälin haben er,,
lau[b]ter massen die manumissions ūnd Abzūgs gebühren
abgestattet; Ehe betten aber sämmtliche ihnen selbige in
gnaden nach zūlassen:

Solle die manumissions ūnd Abzūgs gebühr von
sämmtlichen bezogen, deßwegen aūf ihre im dem Land
besitzende oder noch zū erben Habende güter ach,,
tūng gegeben werden:

Page 389

Carolina and subjects journey to that place: [2nd entry]

In the names of seven families from the local region of the fol-
lowing fathers Emanuel and Hans the Giegelmans
of Bubendorf, Baltsar Strauman of Waldenberg, Heini
Riggenbacher of Runenberg, Heini Salin and Hans Bitter-
lin of Zeglingen, and [Werner] Buser of Oberdorf, who
with wives and children make up 42 souls : Was de-
clared, that they, went down the Rhine to travel
to Carolina, two named Buser and Salin have
paid the manumissions and departures fees
as allowed; All ask however that they [the fees] be
graciously waived:

The manumission and departure fees from
all collect, therefore on their in this Country
available or by inheritance available property good at-
tention will be given:

Notes for Page 389:

Ūnderthanen can be translated as either subjects or serfs. Subjects sounds better but the requirement that all pay manumission leaves little doubt as to their status.

"Achtung geben" means in our days "Be careful" or "Observe". But in this context with the order "Collect the money!" in my understanding it means more than just to observe: "Identify all remaining property of the refugees and property which they may get in the future by inheritance" and eventually to confiscate it. - us



A. B. Faust and G. M. Brumbaugh, Lists of Swiss immigrants in the Eighteenth Century to the American Colonies, Vol. II, pp 90:

An entry of Apr. 23, 106, 389, says: "In the name of seven families ... of the following fathers: Emanuel and Hans, the Giegelmanns of Bubendorf, Baltzer Strauman of Waldenburg, Heine Riggenbacher of Riineberg, Heini Salin and Hans Bitterlin of Zeglingen, and Wernet Buser of Oberdorf, which with wives and children comprise 42 souls, the communication was made that they had started down the Rhine to go to Carolina. Two of them, viz. Buser and Salin, had paid for their manumission according to the decree, but all of them begged to be graciously released from the payment of it.

"Resolved that manumission dues and ten percent tax should be exacted from all and attention be given to the property which they possess or expect to inherit in this country."


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