The Boris Brooks Photo Album
(Cats that have touched our lives.)


cat & tree

Our cats have always loved the Christmas Tree. Charlie was no exception.

cat & son

We often found our son hanging on the edge of the bed while Charlie hogged the covers and the pillow.


Charlie in his "portly" stage of life.

cat & family

Charlie always seemed to know when the camera was in use.


cats & family

Fred was a lap cat. Charlie wasn't as you can tell by his expression.

cat & son

Fred and Charlie preparing for a wrestling match. They never tired of the sport.



Boris Brooks

two cats

Boris Brooks was a climber. Alexandra preferred the warm top of the freezer.


The paper sack is to keep the fish warm. BB is waiting on the fish.

cat on table

There's something about a dining room table that attracts cats.

cat & dog

Boris Brooks pushing his luck with a visiting cousin.


Bailey Brooks