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Bible Records of Henry Lewis Rickenbacker

Transcribed by J. E. Rickenbacker from copies provided by Tom Rickenbaker.
[Spelling of the family name is as recorded in the Bible.]

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Henry L. Rickenbacker was Born Sept. the 10 1826.

Susanna M. Gates was Born Aug. the 8 1833.

Luther Samuel Rickenbacker was Born June the 15 1851

Govan Lewis Rickenbacker was Born Oct. the 8 1854.

Alice Catherine Rickenbacker was Born May the 7 1857.

John Henry Rickenbacker was Born Febuary the 8 1860.

Anner Margarette Rickenbacker was Born April 25th 1863.

Fanny Eugenia Rickenbaker was Born December 6th 1867.

Isabel Olivia Rickenbaker was Born January 31st 1870

Mary Esner Rickenbaker was Born May 10th 1873.

Oscar Holland Rickenbaker was Born May 11th 1873.

[The following 7 entries are in a different hand. They are all from 1899 or later and are not presented here for privacy reasons.]



Married April the 1st 1850 Henry Lewis Rickenbaker to Susannah M. Gates by Rev. G. R. Haigler.

Oscar Holland Rickenbaker and Carrie Olivia Bell married June 15th 1898 by Rev.Shirer.



Govan Lewis Rickenbacker Died Nov. the 7 1858.

John Henry Rickenbaker Died July the 10 1881.

[The following 2 entries are in a different hand.]

Henry L. Rickenbaker departed this life February 26 1897

Susannah M. Rickenbaker departed this life January 9th, 1898

[The remaining 3 entries are in different hands and are all from the 1900s. They are not presented here.]


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