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Bible Records of Thomas E. Rickenbacker

Transcribed by Jim Rickenbacker from the original Bible.

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Thomas E. Rickenbacker M'rch 10th 1840

Cornelia E. Fersner January 18th 1843

Herbert Jas. Rickenbacker July 24th 1867

Lizzie Annice Rickenbacker January 19th 1869

John Fersner Rickenbacker July 16, 1870

Maggie Elouise Rickenbacker April 25th 1874

Leila Adalade Rickenbacker March 9th 1876

Walter Geddings Rickenbacker Feby 21st 1878

Ashby O'Neall Rickenbacker April 16, 1880

George Tolson Rickenbacker March 9, 1882

Robert Lee Rickenbacker December 23, 1884

Florence May Rickenbacker June 19 - 1888

Thomas Emanuel Rickenbacker son of
W. G. and May Belle Rickenbacker Dec. 8, 1902

Victoria Louise Rickenbacker daughter of
W. G. and May Belle Rickenbacker July 29, 1904

Walter Geddings Rickenbacker Jr. son of
W. G. & May Belle Rickenbacker was born
Sep. 12, 1906

Whitfield Dantzler Rickenbacker son
of W G & M B Rickenbacker Oct 9th, 1908

Robert Carroll Rickenbacker son
of W G & M B Rickenbacker Sep 16, 1910



Rev. T. M. Galphin and Lizzie A Rickenbacker
were married on the 25th day of November
1885 by Rev. D. W. Key

F. I. Culler and Maggie E. Rickenbacker
married on the 29 day of June 1898 by
Rev. T. M. Galphin of Agusta Ga.

Walter G. Rickenbacker and May Belle Dantzler
were married on the 19th day of December
1901 by Rev. T. M. Galphin

John F. Rickenbacker and Louise Sally
were married on the _ day of October
1904 by Rev. T. M. Galphin

Ashby O. Rickenbacker and Pearl Crum
were married on the 20th day of June [lost]
by Rev. W. W. Dantzler


Herbert James Rickenbacker March 16th 1886

Robert Lee Rickenbacker March 22nd 1886

Leila Adalade Rickenbacker Nov. 19th 1890

Cornelia E. Rickenbacker Nov. 9th 1899

Thos. E. Rickenbacker Nov. 28th 1899

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