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Orangeburg High School Graduating Class - 1910


OHS Seniors, 1910.jpg

This class photo is 7.5" x 9" and mounted on a 12" x 14" mount stamped "Rosenger" "Orangeburg, S.C." There are some identifications on the photo and the following identifications were written on the mount:

Back Row: Virgil Bryant, Peter Kortjohn, John Cart, Jr., Arthur Foreman, Guy Kennedy, Arthur Davis, John D. Varn, Willie Zeigler, William Greene.

2nd Row: Warren Noble Scoville, Cole Blease Gibson, Hubert L. Josey, S. Dibble Moss, Miss Baskerville, Miss Butler, [Unknown].

3rd Row: A. J. (Cap) Thackston, Leila Bryant, Annie Ursula Inabinet, Lois Nell Dukes. Merle Smoak.

Next Row: Mary Chisholm?, Carrie Alice Wolfe, Minnie Lightfoot, May Bowman, Emily Glaze, Lee Axon Gelzer, Lucile Howell.

Bottom Row: Marie Arant, Eva U. King, Georgia Perryclear, Nathalie Moss Salley.

Notes: There are two problems with these identifications. The last female in the "2nd" row is not identified and the first female on the "Next Row" is identified as Mary Chisholm on the mount but as Ethel ____ on the photo. Help in resolving these identifications would be greatly appreciated. - Jim Rickenbacker


Graduattion InvitationFront of the 1910 OHS Graduation Invitation. (Click on the thumbnail to view)

Class RosterClass Roll of the 1910 OHS Graduating Class. (Click on the thumbnail to view)


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