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Students at Four Holes School, about 1899/1900



A companion list gives the following names. Full married names are given for most of the girls so this list was created many years after after the photo. Items in [brackets] are my additions. Some of my identifications are certain. Others, such as the Top Row identifications are best guesses.

First Row: 1. Bell Bozard Shuler, 2. Inez Jones' brother, 3. Lowman Stoudenmire, 4. Willie Ulmer, 5. Angelo Stoudenmire [1892-1962], 6. Bulah Stoudenmire Rast, 7. Nettie Stroman Metts [1894-1978], 8. Mary Ella Burke Kimmerlin, 9. Eugene [L.] Burke [1889-1920], 10. Tilmon Jones, 11. Furman Stroman

Second Row: 1. Milleage Austin, 2. Lottie Bozard Ulmer [1891-1942], 3. Cleve Rickenbaker [1885-1959], 4. Furman [Martin] Ulmer [1891-1902], 5. Leo Austin, 6. Inez Jones, 7. Burnice Stroman Shuler [1891-1962], 8. Marion Stroman, 9. John Stroman, 10. Add Austin

Third Row: 1. Ulmer, 2. Willie [C.] Ulmer [1888-1960], 3. Maggie Bozard Ulmer [1883-1932], 4. Lizzie Austin Bozard, 5. Clifford Burke, 6. Florrie Stroman Gramling, 7. Lottie Stoudenmire Gantt, 8. Imez Jones' sister

Fourth Row: 1. Dessie Bozard Fersner [1884-1944], 2. Sally Stroman Ulmer, 3. Lula Stoudenmire Hinkle, 4. Willie Stroman [1880-1940], 5. Carie Stroman Amaker, 6. Daisy Austin Dantzler Rickenbaker [1883-?], 7. Effie Stroman Austin, 8. Gussie Bozard Fersner [1887-1967], 9. Annie Austin Hinkle Walling, 10. Maggie Stoudenmire Ulmer [1884-?], 11. Maggie Ulmer Shuler, 12. Minnie Stroman Jeffcoat, 13. Martin Bozard, 14. Essie Rickenbaker Bozard[1879-1939], 15. Miss Ada Moorer (Teacher), 16. Mr. Holliday (Teacher)

Top Row: 1. Fred [N.] Rickenbaker [1874-1946], 2. Fred [Auld] Jones [1881-1949], 3. Willie [H.] Dantzler [1869-1937]

Notes: Many of the people in this photo were from the Four Holes area. Based on the know birthdates and apparent ages of some of the students, I assume the picture was taken in either 1899 or 1900. Four Holes School was in a two story building located just east of the present Four Holes Baptist church. - jer

Additional information on the school and the people in this photo would be greatly appreciated. Jim Rickenbacker

Photo and list courtesy of Darlene Webber Fields.



The Old Four Holes School

Photo taken February 24, 2006 by6 Darlene Webber Fields.



One Room School

Beverly Leer told me that her mmother, born 1915 and raised in Four Holes, said that she went to Elementary School in this building and that the two-story building next door was the middle school. High School was only in Orangeburg. jer 12/20/2020


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