Rickenbacker Errata

A collection of erroneous assertions that seem to have lives of their own. They have caused me much grief.

Joseph Greiter and Anna Diel married 3 Feb 1740, (Rev. Giessendanner).

The attribution to Rev. Giessendanner appears to add validity to this assertion of marriage. Not so! There is no such record. This assertion appears to have begun as an error in transcription from Salley. The record in Salley (p.96) actually reads:
11. Joseph Greiter to Susanna Shuler.
12. Mathias Keller to Maria Handshy.
13. Henry Rickenbacker to Anna Diel.

Henry Rickenbacker married Anna Maria Till 3 Feb 1740

This assertion was apparently spawned by the error above. If Anna married Joseph Greiter then Anna Maria must have married Henry Rickenbacker. Not so! "Heinrich Rickenbacher und Anna Diel" is an exact transcription of the original entry by Rev. Giesendanner.

Jacob Rickenbacker, b. abt. 1724, d. 13 Nov 1814

This assertion was apparently an attempt to connect the Jacob Rickenbacker mentioned in Salley (p. 67) as the "son of the first Rickenbacker that came to this country" with the Jacob Rickenbacker from S. E. Rickenbacker's Bible. There is no basis for this assertion. The Jacob Rickenbacker mentioned in Salley (p. 67) was born 10 Dec 1763 and died 11 Feb 1841. On p. 104, Salley gives a Jacob Rickenbacker as a sponsor for the baptism of Carl Hotto's son in 1747, but Joop has transcribed the original as Jacob Kuhn (a known resident of Orangeburg at the time). In fact, there is no evidence of a Jacob Rickenbacker in Orangeburg before 1763.

Jacob Rickenbacker, b. abt. 1724 was the second son of Heinrich Rickenbacher and Anna Burgi

There is no evidence that Heinrich and Anna had any son besides Heini, b. 1722. The Church Book of Kilchberg, BL, Switzerland shows only the one child, Heini, born almost 8 years after their marriage in 1714.

Jacob Rickenbacker, d. 13 Nov 1814, married Christeana, d. 29 Oct 1805

These deaths are given in S. E. Rickenbacker's Bible, but there is no evidence that these were man and wife. I speculate that they were brother and sister to Samuel's father, Nicholas, but we have no proof.

Jacob Rickenbacker, b. abt. 1724, d. 13 Nov 1814, and Christeana, d. 29 Oct 1805 were the parents of Nicholas, b. Abt. 1747

There is no evidence for this assertion. See above.

Rachael Rickenbacker, b. 6 Apr 1806, was the daughter of Nicholas Rickenbacker and Mary Kemmerlin

This assertion apparently began with a failed DAR application. It was given new life in a published listing of the Larr Cemetery which implies that Rachael's tombstone says she is "d/o Nicholas Rickenbacker II". Not so! Rachael's tombstone makes no such claim. The listing also implies that Nicholas is buried in the Larr Cemetery. Not so! Nicholas is buried about four miles east of the Larr Cemetery in a private plot with his wife Mary. Rachael's birth date of 6 Apr 1806 is at odds with the birth of Nicholas's known daughter,Mary Ann Rickenbacker on 11 Oct 1805. Also, Rachael was christened in St. Matthews Lutheran Church on 11 Apr 1806. Her parents were listed as Mr. & Mrs. Rickenbaker. Nicholas and Mary were Baptist. Rachael is a missing link and a subject of active research.

Reuben Rickenbacker, b. abt. 1796, was the son of Nicholas Rickenbacker and Mary Heckel

There is no evidence for this assertion. Reuben's race, as given in the census, indicates that at least one of his parents was non-white. Reuben is a missing link and a subject of active research.


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