Sea Isle Photos

Hurricane Ike, September 12 & 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike almost did us in. Ike came ashore on the East end of Galveston Island. Only a Category 2 storm, Ike's storm surge devastated Bolivar Peninsula which is just to the East of Galveston Island. The West End of Galveston Island was hurt badly but not devastated.

View off the deck before Ike. We have a nice dune growing.

View off the deck after Ike. The old bulkhead is not only exposed but even more badly damaged.

View to the Northwest before Ike.

View to the Northwest aftere Ike.

View to the Southwest before Ike.

View to the Southwest after Ike.

Our House

The ground level storeroom and stairs were destroyed but there was only evidence of a little wind driven water around the windows in upper level living area. The debris line behind some few remaining pieces of house wrap was 3.5 feet above the slab. That puts the storm surge at Sea Isle at 10 to 11 feet above sea level. That was just enough to completely wipe out the storeroom and leave the upper level intact. Our ground elevation is 7 feet and the upper floor elevation is 16 feet.

This shows pretty much all of the damage. The roof damage is from the wind, the ground level damage from the storm surge.

The storm surge destroyed the ground level storeroom including a washer, dryer and refrigerator. Thankfully, it also cleaned up the mess.

Damage to the stairs was not as bad as it could have been.

All that was left in the storeroom was the clock on the wall.

Front Row Homes

The front row houses are now pretty much on the beach.

These two houses survived Alicia (1983). The dunes grew back. Hopefully they will again.

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