The Legendary Rhine - 2004

Thursday, May 13


The Basel Town Hall or "Rathaus" with "Marketplatz" in the foreground. The morning fruit and vegetable market is in full swing.

Other Photos

RhineThe Rhine at Basel.

Basel FerryOne of the several river powered ferrys in Basel.

Muenster OutsideThe Muenster was being repaired but it was still impressive.

Muenster InsideThe Muenster was also impressive inside.

Rickenbach PistolsA surprise was finding Rickenbach pistols in the Basel Historical Museum. The second from the top and the bottom pistols are Rickenbachs.

Canopy BedThe Historical Museum also had an excellent collection of period furniture arranged in typical rooms.

AltarThe Historical Museum is in an old Church.

Rudolph RiggenbachThis gentleman was located just outside our hotel. He is Rudolph Riggenbach who was active in preserving the old buildings in Basel.

Basel-Stadt ArchivesOf course I had to visit the Archives in Basel. The staff were very helpfu and it was a successful visit.

RathsprotokollOne of the things I wanted to see. The "Rathsprotokoll" (Small Council Journal) for 1735.

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