The Legendary Rhine - 2004

Sunday, May 16

Stork & Chick

A Stork grooming it's chick in Strausbourg.

Other Photos

Stork FamilyA stork and it's chick in the nest.

Vauban BarrageThe Vauban Barrage allowed the entire southern front of Strausbourg to be flodded for protection. It was built about 1690.

CanalA canal in "Petite France" in Strausbourg.

Half-timbered HousesStrausbourg has many half-timbered houses in "Petite France".

CaroselA 1900 Carosel still in operation.

RhineThe Rhine has been canalized but the banks are still scenic.

Lock EntryThe River Queen has just entered the last lock on the Rhine and the gates have been closed behind us.

Lock ExitThe lock gates have been opened and we are getting ready to leave. You can see by the watermarks how far we have dropped.

Speyer MuseumThe Speyer Museum

Speyer CathedralThe carthedral at Speyer from the main street. It is quite late and the light is fading fast.

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