The Legendary Rhine - 2004

Tuesday, May 18


On the right is the famous Lorely Rock. The Rhine makes a tight "S" turn around the rock. You can see why this was a really dangerous spot in the days before steam - particularly when the river was up.

Other Photos

Two Steam LaunchesI spotted these two steam launches at Rudesheim.

Mechanical Violin PlayerJust one of the mechanical marvels in Siegried's Mechanical Music Museum in Rudesheim.

Christmas StoreThe Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas store in Rudesheim.

Customs HouseAn old Customs House on the Rhine. The base is shaped like a ship to help it survive the Rhine floods.

Castle & VineyardsA castle and vineyards.

LorelyWe are passing the base of the Lorely.

A CastleA typical castle on the hills above the Rhine.

Two CastlesTwo more castles on the hills above the Rhine.

Roman RuinsThe Roman ruins in Boppard. In the foreground are Roman graves.


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