The Legendary Rhine - 2004

Thursday, May 20

Stilt Dancers

Ascension Day is a holiday in Germany and Dusseldorf was having a party complete with stilt dancers and other street entertainment.

Other Photos

Cologne CathedralThe Cathedral in Cologne is a really impressive one.

Cologne Cathedral InteriorSince it was Ascension Day Mass was being held and we could only observe quietly from the back.

Beer HallThe Beer Halls were in full operation.

RV CampgroundThere was a huge RV campground on the river between Cologne and Dusseldorf.

St. Lambertus ChurchThe twisted spire of St. Lambertus Church is a Dusseldorf landmark. A local legend says that the spire will straighten as soon as a virgin bride is married in the church. They have been waiting on this miracle since 1394.

PlazaThere were a few relatively quiet spots in Dusseldorf.

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