The Legendary Rhine - 2004

Sunday, May 23


This is polder (land reclaimed from the sea). It is low and flat with drainage canals all around. Pumps keep the water in the canals below the surface of the land. Driving these pumps was one of the primary purposes of the windmills before electrification.

Other Photos

English Reformed ChurchThe Englisg Reformed Church is in Begijn Hof, a quiet courtyard near the Historical Museum.

Begijn HofOld houses in Begijn Hof. The Mayflower Pilgrims lived in Begijn Hof during their time in Amsterdam.

Leaning HousesThis is not an optical illusion. These houses are actually leaning forward over the street. This minimized taxes which were based on the ground level area.

Rope HoistThe rope hoist is how large pieces of furniture get to the upper stories.

Ann Frank StatueThe statue of Ann Frank near her house.

Ann Frank HouseCarla, Jeanne and Joop in front of the Ann Frank House. The tourist entrance is next door.

Noorder KerkThe North Church.

MonksWorshipers in period dress heading for the North Church.

HousewivesMore worshipers in period dress heading for the North Church.

Centraal StationAmsterdam's Central Station. The transportation hub of Amsterdam.

Taking a break.Jim, Carla, Jeanne and Joop taking a break at a Cafe in Amsterdam North (across the IJ River from Centraal Station.

De PepermolenDe Pepermolen, a wonderful restaurant in Landsmeer.

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