The American Southwest - 2002

Sunday, May 19 - Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

A classic view of Bryce Canyon formations.

Other Photos

Bryce Canyon 2 Another classic view of Bryce Canyon.

Raven This raven just seemed to want some companionship.

Neat Rock 1 A neat rock formation in Bryce Canyon.

Zion 2 A Natural Arch in Bryce Canyon.

Neat Rock 2 Another neat rock formation in Bryce Canyon.

Zion 4 The northern end of Cottonwood Canyon Road, access to the Grand Staircase. The warning is for real.

Zion 1 The scenery is great for those who brave the road.

Zion 2 Just one of the places I wouldn't want to be if it were wet.

Grand Staircase The southern entrance to the Grand Staircase on US 89.

Lake Powell Lake Powell, taken from a viewpoint near the Glen Canyon Dam.

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