Turkey, Istanbul and the Lycian Coast - 2001

Wednesday, May 23

Simena Castle

The village of Kalekoy with Simena Castle in the background. The castle is also known as the castle of the Kinghts of Saint John. The island of Kekova is behind the photographer.

Other Photos

AperlaiComing in to the western cove at Aperlai.

Lycian SarcophagiLycian sarcophagi were everywhere.

HorsesThese fellows were content to remain in the shade and didn't mind our intrusion at all.

Waiting on the BoatBert waiting on the tender from the Gömez.

GömezThe Gömez at anchor from Simena Castle. Kekova Island is in the background.

Rocky ScrambleBert decided not to make the final climb to the top of Simena Castle. It was a pretty steep, rocky scramble.

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