Turkey, Istanbul and the Lycian Coast - 2001

Thursday, May 24

St. Nicholas's Church

St. Nicholas is called Noel Baba in Turkey. This is the sign in front of his church.

Other Photos

TouristsOur group at the Church of St. Nicholas. I'm taking the picture.

SarcophagusThis sarcophagus is assumed to be the one belonging to St.Nicholas.

ApseThe apse in the Church of St. Nicholas.

FrescoFresco of the Twelve Apostles in the dome at the northeastern corner.

GömezMyra is well known for its rock tombs. The clif is loaded with them.

Myra TheaterThis is the theater at Myra.

Theater EntryWe decided to see where this overgrown path would take us. It led into the theater ruins and some dark and collapsed rooms.

Box SeatsFinaly, it brought us out here - the "Box Seats".

GömezWe walked all the way around the box seat level.

More TombsWhen we looked behind the theater we found more rock tombs.

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