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Welcome and thanks for dropping by. I have a number of interests, from genealogy to computing to minature machining to travel to abyssinian cats. I hope you share some of these interests. Please, come on in, look around and drop me a note if you find something that catches your interest. - Jim Rickenbacker

Computing - a miscellaneous collection of hints and things I've learned mostly involving web publishing.

Genealogy - lots of documentation on the early Rickenbachers of Orangeburg, South Carolina and associated families. Somewhat less documentation on the early Remberts of Sumter County, South Carolina and associated families.

Home Machine Shop - simple projects and modifications for a Sherline lathe and mill.

Travel Log - a photographic journal of trips we've taken.

Sea Isle - a beach-side subdivision of Galveston and our little bit of paradise.

Boris Brooks About Boris Brooks - Boris Brooks was for a long time our senior abyssinian cat.  Actually it's not really correct to say he was our cat -- I should say we were his people. Abyssinians are very sociable cats, and Boris Brooks was always there to greet visitors at the door, and was always checking to make sure the house was being run properly.

When I first set up this web site, I was looking for a nice catchy URL. Every site name that I tried was already taken and I was becoming very frustrated. At that point, Boris Brooks walked in and head-bumped my leg as if to say "Try me." I did and of course the name was available.

Boris Brooks passed away in December 2007 at the age of 12. He didn't appear at dinner time and we found him lying on the floor of one of his favorite rooms. There had been no illness and there were no signs of distress or trauma, he just passed on. His household duties have been taken over by his long-time apprentice, Alexander with the help of Boris Brooks's partial namesake, Bailey Brooks.

The Boris Brooks Photo Album - pictures and information about Boris Brooks, his predecessors and successors.

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18 Oct 2018