Jim's Home Machine Shop

Lathe Projects

Simple Tommy Bars - Sherline's plain 5/32" Tommy Bars are hard on the hands and roll everywhere. This simple project makes them much easier to use.

Sherline Lathe Saddle Lock - It's often useful to be able to lock the lathe saddle. This modification is fairly easy and can be made with only the lathe and a file.

Mill Projects

These first projects use the mill to build attachments for the lathe

QCTP Modifications - The TS Engineering Quick Change Tool Post is a great addition to the Sherline Lathe but it's extra offset from the T-Slot and tendency to rotate under load are irritants. The addition of a Russ Waters type tool plate and a simple mod to the QCTP eliminate both of these irritants.

Thread Cutting Attachment Modification - The Sherline Thread Cutting Attachment is a great accessory for the lathe but, when mounted to the front of the lathe (for use with the motor in place), the clamp screw is in a position that makes it really hard to tighten. This new primary support arm rotates the clamp screw by 60 degrees and makes it easily accessible with the Sherline T-handle wrench when the attachment is mounted to the front.

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