Simple Tommy Bars

Tommy Bars
Simple Tommy Bars


This is a great first project for the Sherline lathe. These are simple to make and provide a real sense of accomplishment as well as being useful. You will need some 1/4" brass hex stock, a center drill, a 5/32" drill and red (high strength) Locktite®.

Start by sawing off a peice of 1/4" hex stock just over 1 3/4 inches long. Chuck the hex piece in the 3-jaw chuck with about 3/4" exposed. Face off the end. Now turn the 0.2" end. Turn just enough to remove the hex. Angle the bit so the transition from hex to round has a slight camfer. Use a file on the rotating piece to round off the sharp edge on the end.

Reverse the piece in th chuck. As before leave about 3/4" exposed. Repeat the above operations to face and turn the 0.5" end. Center drill and then drill 1 1/8" deep with a 5/32" drill. This is deep hole drilling so take it slow and clear the drill of chips every 1/4" or so. The Sherline Tommy Bar should be a snug slip fit in the hole.

Assemble the handle and tommy bar with high strength (red) Locktite®. Make sure the tommy bar is seated all the way to the bottom of the hole.

Enjoy your new, comfortable, non-rolling Tommy Bar.

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