Jim's Computing Notes


Emails and SPAM - One of the best ways to fight SPAM is to protect your email address. This note tells what has worked for me.

Email Address Encoder - Encodes an email address for posting on a web page in a way that discourages email harvesting. This is only useful if you publlish your own web pages.

HTML Coding

HTML Editing - You need an editor to create and update your web pages. You can use a specialty HTML Editor but a plain old text editor will also do the job.

Excel to HTML - A common task for genealogical web sites is to convert Excel Spreadsheets into HTML tables. While Excel can save a spreadsheet in HTML format, it adds a lot of extra HTML tags that makes large tables very slow to load. This note shows how to convert Excel Spreadsheets to HTML Tables without all the extra tags.

Web Servers

Perl and PWS - Personal Web Server and Active state Perl work well together but first time setup can be frustrating. This note gives the key steps to a successful setup.

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