Sea Isle Photos

Ike Recovery, Winter 2008

Recovery was a slow process. It took forever to get anything done. Utilities were a mixed bag. The City got water back to us by October 14 an amazing accomplishment considering the damage. AT&T had phone service back in mid November but there was still no word on when we might get power by year end.

November 11 - the first 10 of many loads of sand goes in front.

November 11 - the essential part of the steps are in place.

November 19 - the store room is walled in and wrapped.

November 20 to December 31 - nothing else got done.

Status: We have water, sewer and phone service with internet. There's still no power but I have a generator to run lights and the refrigerator and a Mr. Buddy portable heater so the house is livable after a fashion.

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7 Sep 2010