Sea Isle Photos

Ike Recovery, Spring 2009

The slow recovery process continues.

January 2 - with no vegetation cover the sand blows everywhere. The barrier is to keep careless idiots from cutting tracks (which promptly erode).

January 2 - the stairs are finished.

January 7 - the store room is finished. The generator on the deck is providing power.

January 7 - still no word on getting power back. The old poles are standing but not connected.

January 30 - the new transformer and wires are up. We're hopeful.

January 30 - a new pedastal replaces the pole in the front yard. Power was finally connected February 7.

January 30 - twenty-five truck loads of sand raise the front lot about a foot. The stake in the middle is the temporary vegetation line.

February 28 - another 10 truck loads of sand make a dune.

March 10 - a little vegetation is beginning to show.

March 10 - the last sewer leak is found and fixed.

March 10 - look at that water. Paradise is back!

May 4 - the vegetation cover looks good and our dune plants are beginning to take hold. Done!

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