Sea Isle Photos

Hurricane Nicholas - September 14, 2021

Hurricane Nicholas was a slow and erratic Category 1 hurricane that made landfall 45 miles SW of us near Sargent TX on September 13. Nicholas then moved NE hugging the coast and had the most effect on us in the early morning hours of September 14. The storm surge of 3-4 feet was not enough to overtop the dunes and the maximum wind gusts of 55 mph did little damage but over 12 inches of rain around midnight September 13/14 created local flooding. We had about 3.5 inches of water in the downstairs store room. The appliances were on 4 inch pallets and the flooding was all rainwater so thankfully there was little mess to clean up. Power was out for three days.

September 14, 2021 1:29am. Front yard flooding illuminated by lightning.

September 14, 2021 1:29am. Driveway flooding illuminated by a passing car.

The flood line on the cat litter bucket.

The flood line on the tool box.

Several large timbers such as this 10x10 piece of piling material floated into the yard.

Only a few things needed to be dried out.

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