Sea Isle Photos

Hurricane Chantal August 1, 1989

Hurricane Chantal came ashore northeast of us at High Island on August 1. We were on the "clean" side and there was little damage but the tides and waves caused significant beach erosion.

Sea Isle

Looking Northast. The owner of the posted house is finally allowed to make repairs but the house is still on the beach.

Sea Isle

Looking Southwest. This house is now on the beach also.

Sea Isle

Looking Southeast. The lot in front is about half gone.

Sea Isle

Looking South at the path through the remaining dunes.

Nineteen eighty-nine was a busy year for storms. Besides Chantal, Allison, a minimaml tropical storm, came ashore at San Luis Pass on June 26. There was little damage but lots of rain. Also, Hurricane Jerry came ashore at Jamiaca Beach as a minimum Category 1 on October 15. There was little damage but a fair amount of flooding.

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